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So after much work and staring into the digital abyss, we’ve got some announcements about Semo Distro.

Putting so much work into this project has helped in refocusing our goals. When engaged with a project that involves money in such a significant way, it has been easy in the past to get distracted by an urge to sell.
Remembering our intentions with this project – the spread of anarchist/antagonistic ideas, as well as critical engagement with radical projects – has led us to expand it in a few ways.

  • semodistro.com is now online and ready for action.
  • Zine displays are starting to find their way into sympathetic shops across southern ontario
  • Zine/book libraries will start to be set up within youth and community spaces within the next couple of months.
  • A zine catalogue for prisoners will be available and will start to be mailed in to prisoners within the next week or so.

You can help if you really feel like it!

  • share the website with your friends!
  • let us know if there are cool independent bookstores/cafes/art spaces/headshops in southern ontario (especially suburban/rural areas) that might be interested in hosting a zine display
  • know a prisoner who might be into getting free zines? get in touch.
  • let us know if you want to start a reading group with any of the texts/table for semo at events outside of hamilton/have any other ideas
  • tell us if there are sweet texts i should distribute that we don’t know about


Semo Distro

Oh – New stuff in!
-occupied london journal final issue
-all kinds of stuff from little black cart, ak press, and fresh copies of crimethinc’s new book, contradictionary
-the entire catalogue of lunaria press titles

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