semo’s turning 5!

In celebration of semo’s fifth birthday, we’re gonna have a god damn birthday party at The Tower on February 14th, from 11am-4pm.
There will be hundreds of books and zines for sale, including new titles from AK Press and Little Black Cart, as well as some new zines we haven’t stocked before. A portion of the proceeds will be going towards The Tower to help the social space going and growing.
We will have snacks and beverages for those who want to hang around, as well as some activities with *prizes*. Isn’t that exciting? Prizes?
Don’t get too excited. We’re working on a budget here.
On top of this, if you come by with a USB stick that’s 3gb or bigger, you can have Semo’s entire zine pdf selection, so you can spread anarchy in print form wherever you want.

Doors open at 11am, with activities happening from noon til one or two.
There will be show and tell, bring your favourite book/zine/text to share with the class!

Five freaking years of huffing toner and smiling behind tables. Yeesh.

Other News:
-Lots of new books have been coming in, with more coming in the next week. If you can’t make it to the birthday, you can check out the new stock at The Tower during open hours (Sundays 11-5, Mondays 2-6, Thursdays 12-5) or hopefully soon on this site.
-The pdf section will be updated in the next couple of months we promise. We’ve got hundreds of pdfs to go through and upload. In the meantime, if you’re looking for anything in particular that isn’t up there give us a holler. We probably have it. Or check out the brilliant anarchist publishers and distros to the right of the site.

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