Conspire with us!

Are you in Southern Ontario? Do you dig the materials on this site?

• Do you know of a sweet independant bookstore/headshop/cultural space that might be interested in having a Semo zine display?
• Want to spark conversations and spread anarchy in your town by setting up a zine table at local shows/events?
• Do you know of any cool youth spaces that could use a radical library?
• Are you starting a reading/discussion group and want free material?
• Do you have ideas on how to make this project relevant to your area?

Get in touch – semo[at]
Especially if you live in places like Brampton or Mississauga or some other gross S.O. shithole.

Look for this section to expand over the next wee bit.

Semo Distro Semo Distro

Ordering disabled for at least a little while, email us if you're desperate - Sorry!