How to Start a Distro

Semo Distro was started for a couple reasons: to politicize spaces like punk and hiphop shows and to fundraise for other radical projects happening in town.
Since then, it seems like the distro has at least in a small way contributed to the spread of anarchist ideas as well the start of conversations both around the distro table and beyond.
Here are some pointers for starting a distro of your own.

Starting a Zine Distro

Distributing zines is easy enough. There are plenty of websites around that feature loads of downloadable zines that you can then print off. If you have access to a place where you can scam copies (work, school, etc), this makes starting even easier.

Some websites you might want to check out include:,,,,

Most zine pdf files are laid out in an imposed format (ready to print), keep this in mind when printing them. With most landscape letter-sized (8.5×11”) zines, you will want to make sure you go into the printer/copier’s options and ensure that it will print double-sided, flipping on the short edge.

You can also experiment with colour or card-stock covers, to jazz things up a bit.

To staple zines, you might want to find a way to acquire a long-armed stapler. For single-folded letter, legal, and tabloid-sized zines, a regular stapler is just not long enough to get to the fold-point.

Next, look for tabling opportunities. This is as easy as finding out what shows are playing at your local venues. Anything relevant? Contact the promoter or artist and see if you can set up there.
Or you can just set up a table at your local campus, at a conference, wherever.

Books and Posters, etc

If there are some books or other things you want to distribute, contact the publisher or distributer about getting a wholesalers rate. With certain conditions, they will usually sell you things with a discount of 35-50%.

For pdfs of almost any of the zines on this site, contact us at semo[at]

If you live in Southern Ontario and want to table with Semo stuff, contact us!

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